Dreamers. Dreaming (Enero 2015) “Chatterbox”

[Music: L. Agudo]

All Hail the new picture.
You stare at it and in a tick
you’ll find you hold their chatter.
A brand new reality.

I love it when they fool me.
Who needs the truth? I like it blurry.
When the devil you know is your master fear grows faster.

It comes from downstairs. The smell of the blood and the smoke from their homes.
Soothe me master, tell me we ain’t trading with the lords of war.
Everyone is crying for their lives.

[solo: H. Landaluce]

Witness how their thought works:
the border-leaping gets all focus.
They’ll build taller fences,
to protect their sty.

Watch them mixing questions
and mistaking answers while stubbornly they keep on spoiling their land
We’ll never leave that behind

And another hotshot fills the pockets
on account of those who stain the ground with blood
And another white wants to teach to covet
So we’re perpetuating the evil in this world.

[solo: J. Palacios]

It’s in our houses. The stain of the blame and the shame will remain.
So ain’t we monsters? Father, tell the truth! Don’t trade with the lords of war!

Everyone is crying for their lives.
So we found this land
and saw all these richness near at hand.
And yes, we planted our flag
and split up the pie. We ain’t give a damn.

We didn’t mind them at all
so we mocked their creeds and changed their gods.
And once we stamped it all out
we established greed as the new law.

This is how we ruined their only home.
This is how we’re ruling the entire world.

So by the time we were gone they were so in debt and gone astray
that we were just compelled to pay a psycho to keep our share.
We took their goods from them and paid almost nothing.
We sustained a tyranny of pain just to grow the profits. Supply and demand.

This is why they sneak here. They run away from this land.
Beloved but so wasted away. And I don’t see you blushing.

[solo: J. Palacios]

Africans are crying for their lives.
Africans are dying in the dark.