Childish True Love

Dreamers. Dreaming (Enero 2015) “Childhish True Love”

[Music: L. Agudo]

“I have met a girl and she’s the smartest one in town
And my wit goes off when around her
She’s so funny
She’s so bright

I see her dancing, while I’m hiding, in the park.
Then she waves at me. We both smiling.
She’s all mine.

She thrills me like a pet with her every single glance.
Is she real? She looks so innocent…
How could I take my eyes off her?
Maybe since the day I saw her I know I no longer wanna live my life alone.

For her I’m fighting the roughest oceans, beating heartless titans.
She’ll be fine.

I’ll take care of her!

[solo: J. Palacios]

And I don’t mind her being ten months older than I am.
I know she’s taller and surely smarter, but I don’t care.
Because I love her smell, and the way she stares.
She’s my angel down on earth.”

[solo: H. Landaluce]

Lovers bound to flourish in a wasteland tend to shrivel up.

“…all mine…
Despite the years gone by,
You’re still the way you were
in my mind…”