Dreamers. Dreaming (Enero 2015) “Fable”

[Music: Palacios]

As the story goes, the frogs were jumping among the trees
Suddenly two of them fell into a pit
“It’s all useless! The hollow is too deep!
Give up jumping, dreamers!” – others said.

Ignoring what others said, the two frogs jumped higher
But sadly they couldn’t reach the top. That didn’t bode well.
“It’s in vain, give yourselves up for dead!”
and Below, a frog resigned and passed away.

The other frog kept struggling hard and jumped and jumped till dawn
and finally she reached the top, staggering all the crowd.
And the heroine’s wide-eyed gaze was sober
When the rabble’s leader came up to her
“Didn’t you hear us telling you to stop?”
She just read her lips and said:
“I thought you were encouraging me. I am deaf”