Go to Momo

Dreamers. Dreaming (Enero 2015) “Go to Momo”

Save me and tell me what I ought to do to live my “so called” life. Help me cast some light.
Money, that’s all you wanted from me. ‘Cause after all that’s all I am and who’s to say not?

From my new place here all I see is castaways. They swim with faith in a tidal wave made of all
the time they naively gave away.

Like me. You’d say I’m waiting for a miracle, but We’ll force your blind eyes to open.
We’ll force your blind minds to open.

I feel your arms around me. Stiff. Such a burden. Here. They’re trying to pull us where we were

Come, buy me. Come, show me houses and cars. Empty cribs where I should squander all the
time that I have saved there.

You told me “Get a job, trust the plain mob”. Fuck you. I’ll make the most of my days of the
summer, the way that I’ve been doing before…

… the bars surround me. And I feel like a better man. Such a placebo for the dull people.

If you don’t like me and I don’t like you, what the fuck are we tryin’ to fix, build or call it what
you will?
If you don’t like me and I don’t like you, Why do you insist in our common points if they’re no
common points at all?
You don’t like my hair and I wonder who made up that ridiculous suit you wear.
You don’t like my ways

[solos: H. Landaluce & J. Palacios]

I feel your arms around me and I feel like a better man whose feet are walking better roads, but
not alone.

Am I wrong? They say I’m waiting for a miracle…