Mystically Falling

Dreamers. Dreaming (Enero 2015) “Mystically Falling”

[Music: Palacios]

End. The whistle is blowing.
So may the gossip keep sowing.
Birds flew and found out in the clouds
Four letters painted in gold.

Fireflies whispering,
Mother Earth’s merry
for you and I are secretly falling,
Mystically falling in love.

[solo: H. Landaluce]

Hands made of clay soothe away the past and the pain.
The light of the day illuminates the path to forgiveness.

Ours is everything and everything is us.

He came to me like a blooming tree. With promises of love.
His hands on me said secretly that he was the one.

Higher, higher. Sing for me anything. I’ll heed my heart.

Secretly falling, Mystically falling.
You and me falling. Oh, she and he …

Craving for this call
Though all these years of shaking and breaking started to take their toll.

They didn’t care at all.

‘Cause they both were souls prepared to harbour the greatest dreams, so they shared inside of
them the whole Universe.

Though they both were taken to the most wasted land
their nature kept always alive the spark of the Divine.

This world may seem as crazy and heartless as can be
But our Mother Nature is always kind to those who ride

The spiral, like a maze for those who find only with their eyes

Like lighthouses in the mist for sailors never lost
Two green Anahatas of the riders of the spiral.

The green Anahatas of the riders of the spiral.