Man’t (Sep 2007) “Ghosts”

“…and in the end we all turn to dust”,
so they say
and I swear when the wind blows carries me away

I’m just a ghost in your metropoli
How can you believe all you preach?!

I fall ill, everyday, when I see what moves this world is rotten greed

I still remember the time when we were young and free, but then you

Forced me to choose a path that wasn’t made for me
And I would never be the same
Now tell me who’s to blame!

Got no family, got no fate
I know that no one cares that my life is destroyed forever

Now I am begging and I roam
I am pleading for the end

You live for nothing and I die due to your unscrupulous choices on people’s fate

Hard on me the weight of people’s judgement
I see no one dares to look at me
‘cause they don’t wanna blame
Yes, they’re all afraid to blame

I would maybe have renounced to my deceptive illusions,
an absurd way of being free

Tonight I sell my innocence wasted away on the asphalt
to a covetous man

You made me live on charity, but I will never surrender
‘cause in this hell everyday is familiar to me


I don’t mind the non-existence that you lead
I won’t imitate your way of life though I pay it with my blood


“Hey, get a job so you can live like a bourgeois
Don’t expect to be fulfilled even when you’re dead
Wake up!”

I am just one of that people on this earth
who will die alone ‘cause I’ll never, never surrender
to your blackmail

Don’t even let me breath
Keep the handcuffs tight on the wrists
‘cause if you slackened off the rope that holds my rage
I would destroy your system

No longer back home, ‘cause I don’t know where I belong, my tribe

Leave your throne, I’m not your clown

No, I won’t be your pow, I take a stand, battle the throng

Bastard’s fall, before I’m gone

Lower your guard, my new tribe’s grown