Man’t (Sep 2007) “J.X.N.S.”

I know that you may feel a little hollow
A sunshine-girl, apparently shy
Who will be reaching to your world
if you desert your desires

I know why you’re drinkin’
Embrace and show your world
Don’t make up excuses

Free yourself from all those burdens
Come on, see through the ghost of youth
You know it’s a fake but you still think it’s true

You pretend that you’re persuaded
but the life you live is someone else’s
That’s the reason why you cry
when you’re alone

The only way to crash the program
is in you
but you keep thinking you cannot

Oh, baby, I don’t think so
I really feel you must rely on your intuitions
And let it all go

Oh, baby, I don’t think so
You’re not the girl you think you are
You’re special
So let it all out

I know that you achieve the thing you follow
A charming girl has no time to cry
You waste your hips and life with strangers
One for every night
One for every bar

I know why your world shakes
and why you give yourself
I know all your excuses

Don’t be afraid and assert yourself, girl
You lived through him
That wasn’t real
He won’t come back and now what’s left of you?