Man’t (Sep 2007) “Man’t”

I ain’t gonna sing a song of love
Because I can’t trust this rusty heart
But, anyway, you took care of being dishonest
Since the day I ranted ‘bout love
and started this fear

My body turns at night
Still aches to find the crux, the whole of the puzzle
and burn down the root of all frustration
of this cold, of this realm of the pain
to free me

It’s time for me to empty or explode

What if I let you know that I yearn for my childhood
I swear to you that I cannot vouch for me and the things that I’ve done ‘cause I dread to grow

My body lies still somewhere along the path

There comes the time to sell every truth
In the end we’re all mommy’s little child
So why don’t we regret for the things we didn’t say
See the Great Lie

Look at me – Over my shoulders
Feel the floods of Hollow – Over my hands
In my mind
I can’t stand at Home

Inner me cannot overcome all the fears
of the phase when it was licit to dread

Love will break you if you dare
Take a stand for you