The River & The Soul (Jan 2012) “Absolutely”

Please forgive me
for the lifetime that I’ve spent
hitting blindly
writing words to find myself

It was then when you came and lightly kissed my pain away

You’re the dreams that I’ve forgotten
You’re the words that I can’t tell
You’re the tale that needs to be believed in (I do)
You hold my Life
I’ve been saved

and I am so high…
… please don’t leave me, Love

Though I dreamed that I had forgotten I once cried,
now the distance lays between us
and stretches the time
and steals our nights

and I miss your warmth
while laying in my arms…

I see the colours of mankind when I’m staring at your smile

Windows are open now I reach for the sky
Now I’m myself since I was broken
Now I only pray to you
Distance collides with my will
I wish you’re here with me

I love you so…