The River & The Soul (Jan 2012) “Enslaved”

A man sat down on a pile of papers
Dreams about Escaping
to catch a glimpse of the man he wished to be

He says “Somehow I’ll amass a fortune.
Well, that’s the only way”
to rest, to breathe, to be again

What a ruthless world we live in
What a perfect way to maim a human being
but what makes me sad is that we’re keen to play the game of the sickmen

She could hardly raise her children
and she could hardly hide her guilt
her wild ways now numb in flames

“Long ago I made my questions
the answers seem too plain now…”
We’re blind, none, enslaved here

Why this hurtful way to be smart
Why this humbling way to simplify it all
by the use of the body and time as a “resource”
… as we grow old

Why did I desert what it was meant to be?
When did I forget all the songs I used to sing?
Say you will, say you will pierce me ’till I’m hurt
Say you will, say you will and I’ll get you the sky

A dressed as legal blackmail plagued my life with endings
and torn me away from moments, building this crust of mine

I yearn for the return of the magic
Be back into my life and sweep it all away!

I think of all the times that I have surrendered
That was not the deal
I still don’t know me

I would feel much better
If someone cracked my crust
so that light gets into me

I won’t be mine in life

The sadest bride’s given birth to a bastard
Born without a name
and raised him…