Hicks are Kings

The River & The Soul (Jan 2012) “Hicks are Kings”

Breathe in
audience, breathe in
See the fool in here tonight
For your pleasure
hear this fetus
but do not blame us for all this crap

Drown with me in this world of everlasting lies, a flashy God
Where hicks are kings and make offensive wars up with a deformed smile

And you say that you love him!
I Know I wanna go home!
You’re just a tanned, bad fucked junkie that just wanna be raped
And you brag ’bout being The Man but you’re just a bad mannered
Go, rejoice at your wisdom, well, that’s your ovation

Don’t you hear a little voice there?
We’ve been invaded and we’ve seen no warning
Now we’re stuck in this impasse. What’s goin’ on?
It’s just mankind flowin’ against the river

You see it on the papers and in the news
It’s all around
I hear the rattle, the bells on your tails
each time I hear opinions from behind

“it’s really not important if you’re straight or homosexual”,
You will talk about a person like if it was a car
and you will lie!

poor shit!
You may say I’m old-fashioned
but I know I’m not overdone
I ain’t laugh when I see the foolish dick who takes the applause
And you brag ’bout being The Man but you’re just a chauvinist
You’re goin’ down, goin’ down
goin’ underground

Don’t you hear a little voice there?
and don’t you even see the nature of all of your comments?
You are the breed of this system. You like it or not.
and We’re mankind flowin’ against the river

A whole generation brought up by these shameful whores

Now you praise free love but you’ll face the real one
then your tears won’t look shallow, you fool for no one

You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not flowing with that river