Memento Mori

The River & The Soul (Jan 2012) “Memento Mori”

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Just let me tell you what you do
why everything is goddam faked
You rule a bunch of wretched fools
to assure that your hands ain’t dirty

“Only want your signature”
(another brick in the wall)

Pointed out to be the one that chooses,
You’ll never know where lies the difference
Go on! Point your traitor finger!
‘Cause you rule the fool

But I make a difference when I close my eyes
though people don’t care to see. They cross their arms
Fill me with unending light
Oh I feel that I am beneath a burden
And there I’m hopeless
I am blinder

Just let me tell you what I see
It’s you here on your knees
and you sob that everybody you’ve known is sold out like a steak
This is Rage in my veins that I cannot bear

No qualifying. No talks. No twisting. Fake.
And now it’s time you taste it
Some of us have shown our fingers
while Some raped the truth

When I make a difference, when I close my eyes
People don’t care to hear. They close their arms
Fill’em with unending light
’cause I feel that I am beneath a burden
and here I’m hopeless
I am blinder

You left me here freezing
Then destroyed all my nature
Now why not leave you there squeezing all your bands
that watch your fall
Where the fuck are you now?

Hold it!
‘Cause now the deal has turned into nothing
Eat your silly clips
Tie your ego

and put the blame on us who suffered deaf control

You don’t Know!

You don’t Know my name, but I’ve signed your sentence to death
Now don’t save it, need it
Now Don’t!