Quaoar. In spite of the elevated number of music styles proposed by the critic to describe their music style, Quaoar prefer to be presented as a rock band without limits. Creativity flows through their instruments without bounds to impose a determined music style. They have been evolving during the past 8 years, and have achieved an outstanding and unique identity.

After many concerts and several changes of the former members of the band, they recorded their debut album “Man’t” in 2007. In this first cd, they experimented with progressive metal providing a novel wide-open work full of freshness. This work was pretty well embraced by the public and the press. This fact caused the reedition of the cd in 2009.

In March of 2011 the band presented “The River & The Soul”, their second album. This cd received unbeatable reviews leading several lists of the most outstanding artists in the same year. Quaoar, reaching a quality step over their previous cd, becomes one of the most relevant and innovative bands of the spanish rock/metal scene.

Unlike their previous recording Man’t, The River & The Soul produces a surrounding rock atmosphere which reminds us of the 90’s Seattle grunge scene, mixed with a dose of power and experimentation. Given the success obtained with that album, it is reedited under Noma Records label from Madrid in January, 2013. Besides, Quaoar became the winners of the 24th edition of the well-regarded international contest Pop/Rock Villa de Bilbao as well as other contests such as the “Pop/rock de Leioa” and the “Villa de Barakaldo”.

During this time period, Quaoar toured along a wide part of the Spanish territory and played at Como (Italia). They have shared stage with Black Crowes, Smashing Pumpkins and The Sword (Azkena Rock Festival in Vitoria) and also with another bands like Cynic, Letz Zep, Klimt 1918 or Hamlet among others. Between 2011 and 2013, they performed in five sold-out nights at Bilborock (one of the most important halls in Bilbao), and they have sold around 2000 copies of their CDs Man’t and The River & The Soul.

Quaoar have just published their new recording album, “Dreamers. Dreaming”, and it will be presented in their first live show in the beginning of 2015. This work pretends to open boundaries to a wider creativity in an outstanding travel which will not be irrelevant to anybody.


  • Josu Palacios – guitars.
  • Hugo Landaluce – guitars.
  • Björn Mendizabal – drums.
  • Iñigo L. Agudo – vocals & acoustic guitar.
  • Aitor Zorriketa – bass.